Angelic Guidance and Healing Sessions with Cecilia

Divinely guided throughout her life, Cecilia has always understood her mission. She has a deep passion to help people transform and heal their lives. With a strong belief in God's miracles, it is her desire to helps others receive those Divine blessings.

Cecilia lends assistance and support in the transformation and healing your spirit seeks and in the ability to recognize and hear your own inner guidance. Cecilia Andrews offers you a unique combination of open-hearted listening and collaboration with your own inner voice. Sessions of Angelic Guidance and Healing with Cecilia are tailored specifically to you and your present needs.

Since childhood, Cecilia has been aware of her abilities to assist others by leading a life that others were drawn to and wanted to emulate. If Cecilia can do it, maybe I can too! Cecilia views this gift as one of leadership, she loves working with people, and is now committed to helping others to live the life they want to live. This is different, she says, from telling people what to do or how to do it, or giving them all the answers.

Her gift as a sensitive allows her to tune in, feel what you feel and see what you need most. Sessions of Angelic Guidance and Healing with Cecilia are guided by this gift and connection, every session is different, transformative and as special as you are. Her sessions are a spiritual collaboration between God, herself, the Angels and Spirit guides of the highest frequency. Her deep faith and connection to God and the angelic realm allows for others to experience God's miracles and blessings. By way of Divine intervention profound healing will take place for you.

Inspired by God along with her gift of empathetic understanding and listening grace Cecilia has been complimented on her graciousness and confidentiality, allowing you not only to feel comfortable in her presence, but also to experience spiritual growth and renewal. Her coaching sessions will help speed you on your way to recognizing and receiving your own inner guidance. One of her greatest desires is to assist others when they are going through particularly difficult times, facing great uncertainty and fear, or not knowing which fork to take along the road of life. Cecilia understands that certain points in our lives can be very scary and uses her talents to evolve with you and help you move through your personal steps of transformation.

Cecilia's openness, joy and sensitivity provide a connection where you will feel uplifted, renewed and confident in your own ability to leave old patterns behind and open yourself to a clear flow of energy, intuition and the Law of Attraction in action. She has complete faith and trust that with God at our side anything is possible. She speaks about the fact that we have all been gifted with a beautiful Guardian Angel who has been with us since birth, that is there to protect, watch over and guide us, yet so many people don't even acknowledge their Guardian Angel. It is her wish for each of you to connect with this Angel and come to know the role they play in your life and the unconditional love they have for you.

Words cannot describe the gratitude I feel for the blessings bestowed to me as an instrument to help bring healing, illumination, spiritual awakening and growth to God's children. I pray you will each come to know of the great love God has for us. May Divine love fill your heart and change your life.

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Please Note
Angelic Guidance and Healing is not a substitute for medical or psychological diagnosis and treatment. Angelic Guidance and Healing is for the purpose of spiritual healing and healing of the outer bodies to assist a person in their own physical healing. It is also for stress reduction and relaxation. Cecilia does not diagnose conditions, nor does she perform medical treatment or prescribe medications. Cecilia's work is complementary to regular traditional and alternative healing therapies.
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Cecilia's healing has uplifted and inspired me to continue learning more about my self. She has encouraged me to listen to my divine guidance and her service has been a wonderful experience in my life. Thank you, Cecilia, for the healing work!
- Katy C.