Cecilia Andrews

Since childhood, Cecilia has understood her ability to draw others to her because of the life that she has lived. Her communion with God, angels, masters and fairies has been a guiding force in her life since she was very young and has led her to her healing inspirations for others. As an adult, Cecilia understood her responsibility to assist humanity, she leads by example, keeping a positive attitude, continuing to learn, dedicated to her own transformation and continued healing. As a spiritual coach and healer she has faced many tribulations and has had to confront her deepest fears, it is her deep believe and faith in God's miracles and her awareness of all the heavenly assistance that helps her to rise above her owns problems. She recognizes how every challenge and transition imparts more compassion and comprehension of someone else's experiences. She combines her knowledge and awareness gracefully with her true inner gifts and open-hearted listening, resulting in a unique blend of spiritual resources that can be offered as she assists others.

Cecilia renews herself in the spirit daily and keeps a vital connection with her own inner guidance. Her desire to assist others has emerged out of her deep conviction that everyone has divine potential and can utilize it to solve life's problems. Cecilia's own life is continually blessed by her communication with God. Cecilia has many stories of how her own inner guidance directs her daily. She tells one such story like this:

I was coming out of a Kohl's' department store parking lot and turning into the street. I stopped at the traffic signal, and on the other side of the street was a woman walking with a cane. As I pulled out into the street, I heard a voice tell me to stop and give her a ride. So I pulled over and said, "Excuse me. Would you like a ride?" She said, "No, I'm okay." My inner voice told me to ask again. I turned to the woman and said, "I really think you need a ride." Although a bit embarrassed, she got into the car. Then she told me that she was on her way to a bus stop, which was about a mile down the road. She had really been hoping someone would lend a hand because she had no money to get home. I drove her to her destination and she was so grateful that she began to cry. We said a prayer together and together with the angels, I was able to send her home along with many blessings.

Cecilia has always known that no matter what has happened in her life, it is always for the greatest good. She tries to live her life as an example to others and find the blessings in every event. Although as a child this led her to feel alone and different, as an adult it has led her to her mission and to her deep connection to the spiritual in everyday life. Although it was difficult for her to understand as a child, her mission did come clearly to her when she was young. She recounts the essence of the message in these words: "I always knew that heaven was really here on earth, and that hell was not knowing it."

Although Cecilia treasures her own divine communion, she firmly believes that she is meant to help others to open to their own inner voice and experience healing and inspiration. She is fulfilling her mission with joy and feels blessed herself to be able to offer her gifts to fellow travelers on the path.

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"I always knew that heaven was really here on earth, and that hell was not knowing it."
- Cecilia