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Welcome to my Crystals Blessed For You store! I've been inspired by the angels to incorporate these crystal gemstone bracelets and anklets into my work as a way to help you focus ongoing Light energy and blessings in your life, as well as assist you with your healing. It brings me great joy to work with the crystals because when I call upon my team of invisible helpers, they infuse magnificent energy from the Divine into the gemstones, making them unique and filled with Light for those who wear them. These crystals can assist you in your spiritual growth and healing, once made they will be blessed to serve your highest and greatest good, and special blessings can be added to fill your individual healing needs. We can also do custom designing to create the perfect blend of gemstones that suit your needs, or help you find a specific crystal gemstone or a particular size you may desire. I am honored to serve you, and I look forward to hearing from you.

To order, please search the single gemstone alphabetical listings plus the special gemstone blends below. Find your choice of gemstone(s), and then click on the arrow to reveal the sizes and styles of that gemstone we have available. Make your selection and place your order. Shipping and handling is via USPS and is added during the ordering process ($5 in the USA and $7.50 internationally). Once your order is placed, please email your wrist or ankle size (preferably using a cloth tape measure around the wrist and ankle bone areas) to Cecilia at as they are custom made to fit. You can also request a 15-minute crystal consultation for assistance in selecting a gemstone.

crystal bracelet styles
Click on photos for a larger view

Ametrine - Click to enlarge Ametrine

Amethyst - Click to enlarge Amethyst

Angelite - Click to enlarge Angelite

Aquamarine - Click to enlarge Aquamarine

Black-Tourmaline - Click to enlarge Black Tourmaline

Bloodstone - Click to enlarge Bloodstone

Carnelian - Click to enlarge Carnelian

Chakra - Click to enlarge Chakra

Charoite - Click to enlarge Charoite

Chrysoprase - Click to enlarge Chrysoprase

Citrine - Click to enlarge Citrine

Clear-Quartz - Click to enlarge Clear Quartz

Dendritic-Agate - Click to enlarge Dendritic Agate

Fancy-Jasper - Click to enlarge Fancy Jasper

Fire-Agate - Click to enlarge Fire Agate

Firework-Jasper - Click to enlarge Firework Jasper

Fluorite - Click to enlarge Fluorite

Garnet - Click to enlarge Garnet

Gaspeite - Click to enlarge Gaspeite

Hematite - Click to enlarge Hematite

Jade-Green - Click to enlarge Jade Green

Kunzite - Click to enlarge Kunzite

Kyanite - Click to enlarge Kyanite

Lepidiolite - Click to enlarge Lepidolite

Magnetic-Hematite - Click to enlarge Magnetic Hematite

Mookaite - Click to enlarge Mookaite

Ocean-Jasper - Click to enlarge Ocean Jasper

Petrified-Wood - Click to enlarge Petrified Wood

Prehnite - Click to enlarge Prehnite

Rainbow-Tourmaline - Click to enlarge Rainbow Tourmaline

Red-Jasper - Click to enlarge Red Jasper

Rhodonite - Click to enlarge Rhodonite

Rose-Quartz - Click to enlarge Rose Quartz

Ruby-Zoistie - Click to enlarge Ruby Zoisite

Seraphinite - Click to enlarge Seraphinite

Smoky-Quartz - Click to enlarge Smoky Quartz

Sodalite - Click to enlarge Sodalite

Sugilite - Click to enlarge Sugilite

Tiger-Eye-Mix - Click to enlarge Tiger Eye

Tourmalined-Quartz - Click to enlarge Tourmalined Quartz

Zebra-Jasper - Click to enlarge Zebra Jasper

Specialized Gemstone Blends Designs
Amethyst/Citrine - Click to enlarge Supreme Spiritual Union & Connection

BlackTourmaline/Amethyst - Click to enlarge Higher Protective Qualities

Carnelian/Citrine - Click to enlarge Ultimate Manifestation

Jade/Citrine - Click to enlarge Unlimited Abundance & Manifestation

Kunzite/RoseQuartz - Click to enlarge Experience Profuse Love

RoseQuartz/Rhodonite - Click to enlarge Benevolent Self Love

RubyZoisite/Garnet - Click to enlarge Realize One's True Essence

Crystals Consultation

Custom Designs

We realize that certain gemstones sometimes call to you by visual means. We will gladly assist you by emailing photos of specific crystals.

We use the finest grade gemstones and the best quality metals made of 14 karat gold filled or sterling silver on top of all the loving energy that goes into the creation of your gemstones bracelets and anklets. Since our crystals bracelets and anklets are specially made and blessed for you, they are not returnable. However if for any reason there is a problem or an error made on our part, we will happily exchange your order within 30 days. Should you require any maintenance down the road, we will be happy to assist you and repair it when possible, for a small fee. Please contact us to pre-arrange any sort of return.

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