Gemstone Crystal Properties

Gemstone CrystalsSpiritually assist you to… Emotionally assist you to…
Clarity of Mind
Harmony of mind and Spirit to receive clear Guidance that will help achieve goals and manifest Divinely inspired ideas. Let go of fears that prevent taking action on insights and information rec'd that will in fact change one's reality. Let go of indecisiveness and fear of making the wrong choice; take action and regain your power. Helps the mind to stay clear and on task. A great tool to use for losing weight or overcoming self-sabotage and procrastination.
Oneness with
the Divine
Surrender to your oneness with the Divine and embrace your spiritual power. Spiritual union and communication with your Angels and Guides. Facilitates in Meditation to quiet ones thoughts and achieve elevated states of consciousness. Release addictive behaviors, habits and negative thought patterns. Become aware of your innate power, stop playing the victim and align your physical reality with your spiritual purpose. Great for those who feel disconnected to Earth.
Talisman to the Angelic Realm
Connection to the love and guidance of your Angels, Guides and Spirit Friends. Excellent to develop intuitive powers and in interpreting & remembering guidance received in one's dreams. Invokes a sense of inner peace when meditating. Soothes the emotional body bringing about inner peace and spiritual healing. Relay information peacefully so that others will also receive the frequency of the angelic realm. Communicate with compassion rather than harmful words.
Walk & Speak Your Highest Truth
Achieve a tranquil state of awareness to one's inner wisdom; connect with the realm of Spirit, the subconscious and your deepest emotions. Speak and walk your heart centered truth. Reflect Divine Love & compassion with self and others. Let go and move past anger, fear, old wounds and emotional patterns. Detach and clear the clutter within oneself and in your home. Accept diverse viewpoints people have in a calm and collected manner. Conquer any fear of speaking.
Black Tourmaline
Etheric Vacuum Cleaner
Transmutes negative energy; provides psychic protection and high levels of purification which aid in raising one's awareness. A must for healers and for those with psychic and empathic abilities. Helps ground and attune to the Earth. Purify and transmute negative thoughts, worry, anxiety and feelings of being unworthy. Especially useful for those whose surrounding environments are stressful and demanding. Leave behind obsessive and compulsive behaviors.
Spiritual Warrior
The path of spiritual awakening and transformation can feel lonely until one realizes the Christ within and follows the hearts truth with courage realizing that we are never alone which strengthens our connection and faith in the Divine. Brings out one's highest, unselfish qualities. Instills courage thru adversity to make the right choices as obstacles appear without becoming discouraged. Increase physical endurance and a zest for life. Feel independent and capable.
Manifest the Life
You Desire
Create and direct the life you want as one opens to the channels of Divine will. Lends courage, confidence, passion and power to take action and manifest one's highest goals, dreams and ideas. See & recognize the body as a temple of Spirit. Awakens vitality and enthusiasm for life brings motivation to take a leap towards a new path. Conquer fear of doing the wrong thing, stop procrastination and take action; embrace change towards the transformation of a fresh new life.
Bring to Light Your Path of Service
Teaches one to ground and focus energy back to the Earth after being in contact with higher vibrations. Assist with having energetic boundaries and protecting you from psychic attack. Stimulates intuitive & psychic abilities. Dispels bad Dreams. Reveals our path of service and how to manifest it. Helps you to dive deeply into personal healing and inner work needed to dissolve blockages and assume your power when walking our path. Purge inner negativity and unconscious fears.
Heart Connection to Mother Earth
& Nature Spirits
Profound heart connection to Gaia and Nature Spirits. Fosters positive healing thoughts towards the Universe and all beings. Merge our own desires to serve the heart's desire which opens the doors of Divine Love and Abundance. Stirs up and expands the heart, rising above past resentments and the ability to express and feel more love so one can approach new relationships thru the eyes of a child. Helps to understand the karmic patterns in relationships.
Unlock the Gates of
Manifestation and
Divine Will
Align with and open fully to Divine will; learn to bring energy into form through intention and action. Unleash the power within that enhances clarity & stimulates deep creativity to manifest one's highest dreams and desires into physical reality. Dig deep with resolve when blocks in the road appear to make the right choice and keep on the right track. Triumph over feelings of not deserving abundance. Awakens the imagination channel and challenges one to envision a better life.
Clear Quartz
Amplify the Power
of Your Desires
Amplify the healing energies of other gemstones. Only stone that can be programmed to desired intention. Raise spiritual awareness, heighten psychic abilities, enhance meditation & improve communication with your guides. Able to amplify any energy it resonates with, it can accelerate the realization of one's prayers and bring more intensity to healing work. Eliminate confusion and instill clarity of thought by linking the heart to the mind.
Dendritic Agate
Inner Work & Transformation
Strengthens the core of your being while doing intense inner work like Rebirthing as it aids one to keep a positive, practical attitude during transformation. Exposes your Divine blueprint and what areas you have failed to be true to that design. Enables one to see the truth and forgive past experiences and those who pushed your buttons. Realize the positive lessons of negative experiences. Integrate and accept all aspects of self, good and bad. Sweep away self-destructive emotions.
Fancy Jasper
Tranquil Mind
Helps center oneself making it possible for one to focus and think more clearly, elevating the development of mental power. Avoid getting caught up in the future or past and focus on issues in the present. Helps prevent procrastination Calms fear and worry caused by thinking too much and being distracted. Attend to everyday details with efficiency and a sense of humor. Quiet the mind from thoughts and an overactive imagination that can cause insomnia.
Fire Agate
Passion & Vitality
Perfect antidote for those who float around outside of their bodies escaping life. Aligns the etheric body with the physical body. Open your flow to Divine inspiration and creativity to live your life purpose with passion and enthusiasm. Facilitates attraction between mates. Awakens sexual and physical energy to boost ones flow and vitality. Can help with fear of sexual intimacy. Dare to take a chance and listen to our hearts calling to live life fully, happily and blissfully.
Firework Jasper
Decipher Ancient Text
Assist in directing the course of one's dream state. Beneficial to use when practicing lucid dreaming. Helps to make sense of the Akashic records and ancient sacred text with ability in interpretation of the translation with much clarity. The stone of re-affirmation, re-alignment and re-commitment. Helps one adjust to change, accepting responsibility and stimulating originality and creativity. Lends support in the ability to execute new plans smoothly and effectively.
Clearing of One's Energetic Field
An energetic cleanser; repairs the auric field removing "astral hangers" that can cause mischief in one's aura. Attune to higher levels in meditation with rich visions and insight. Increase the ability to receive & interpret intuitive guidance. Helps clear confusion, cluttered thoughts and negativity from ones domain. Allows clear thinking and discernment as to the kinds of energies you will permit to be in your domain. Can assist with issues of vertigo to feel more physically balanced.
Expression of Love
Emotional Healing
Connection with Source that is felt at the core of the heart; enables one to give and receive love more openly. Aligns body, mind and spirit in a recollect one's Soul Contract and the steps needed to fulfill and share those gifts with others. Strengthens the emotional body making it easier to hear the call of spirit and to walk your spiritual path. Lightens and lifts the burdens of past hurts, guilt and shame. Intensify self-love, gain a sense of self worth and increase self-esteem.
Detach & Release
Connect with, awaken and heal the inner child allowing this neglected part of self to step out of the shadows for healing and releasing the past. Become aware of the small coincidences that come to us as guidance from the Universe. Feel safe in letting go of past memories that no longer serve you. Helps hoarders release attachment to things. Counter the effects of stress on the body that leads to weight gain. Intuitive eating as to what food the body & soul desires.
Effective grounding stone able to draw stray energy down thru the root chakra. Integration and balance in all areas, yin & yang, higher self & shadow self, light, & dark positive & negative, soul, & body. Align & balance the auric field & Chakras. Can assist to neutralize chaos for those who are absent-minded or confused. Resilience, determination and courage through difficult times, helping one to see the silver lining in every dark cloud and the light at the end of the tunnel.
Jade Green
Connect with true abundance and the flow of energy into material form; allow the stream of money and endless supply of abundance that is the Universe to come to you. Dispel blockages within the body and increase the flow of energy. Release yourself from a belief that suffering is holy. Be freed from scarcity thinking, fear of money, fear of poverty, greed and other symptoms of belief in money as a measure of worth. Wear in nature to connect to Earth's life force.
A Conduit to Love for Self & All of Existence
Love of our creator is the first and last thing rec'd in one's life. Bumps of life create walls around our heart and mind leading to blocks of resistance. Move into a state of joyous receptivity allowing the love and gifts of Divine to flow to you. A powerful healer of the emotional body for those who have blocked their heart and forgotten how to feel as a form of protection. Ignite the urgings of the heart and form an intimate relationship with the mind, benefiting one's life.
Kyanite Blue
Heighten Telepathy
& Intuition
Increases telepathy between individuals especially when both wear it. High in its vibration the transmission of energy from healer to client is greatly enhanced. Its frequency betters intuitive guidance with your higher self and higher light beings. Let go of old recordings we repeat in our mind, emotional patterns and negative thoughts that create blockages in our body and auric field, create new habits and beliefs; allow energy to flow better and open to higher levels of learning.
Kyanite Green
Establish unity with Mother nature and the never-ending stream of Universal Life Force. Has the ability to help one stay centered in the heart, opening doors to realms of Nature spirits, astral travel, lucid dreaming and one's inner being. Creates unity with the heart, bringing to light the truth, in support of discerning honesty, integrity and sincerity from the individuals who are in and around our environment without having to look anywhere else but within for answers.
Stop serving the ego & instead serve the higher self. Offers deeper relaxation for meditation. Clear the spiritual body and bring balance to the chakra and meridian systems. Ideal for nightmares & trouble sleeping caused by stress or worry. Bring relieve & balance to the emotional body from worry, stress, anxiety, fear, grief and depression. Soothe frazzled nerves; learn to let go, slow down, relax, live in the moment, enjoy the gift of life; take notice of the beauty all around you.
Magnetic Hematite
Energetic Regulator
Regulates the energy field from energetic overload of opening up too quickly too higher vibrations triggering spaciness, headaches, uncontrolled psychic flashes or shooting pains. Realigns energy field when it gets drained or de-energized. Provides a tranquil state of mind to one who has extreme emotional outbursts. Facilitates when you panic and shut down and become numbed by your own emotions. Excellent for healing sports injury when applied to the injured area.
Offers support in times of stress bringing an overall feeling of peace & wholeness. Diminish distractions to reveal hidden opportunities. Balance and unity between physical and spiritual values. Obstructs negative & unwanted outside influences. Provides courage and strength in difficult situations. Offers sound decision-making and the ability to see all possibilities so that one can choose wisely. Encourages flexibility to accept change, providing a renewed desire for fresh experiences.
Ocean Jasper
Total Bliss
Exude positive energy; create a peaceful, supportive environment. Stop thoughts and center yourself when meditating. Balance and bring alignment to one's entire being; cradle the body and the world as temples of one's soul. Unmask the unconscious negativity most people hold, once the mask is lifted the positive vibrations within this stone will boost ones mood making it effortless to recognize life's blessings. Impels one to express love in daily actions and words.
Petrified Wood
Past Life Recall
To Gain Strength
& Wisdom
Be patient, go with the flow & trust that all is in Divine and perfect order when walking the spiritual path. Ignite one's inner wisdom & knowledge carried from past lives; embrace the power within and make the shift towards enlightenment. Learn about, understand and let go of emotional patterns handed down from ancestors that limit one's growth. Make connections and gain power from past life experiences, turn past weakness into new strengths.
Surrender & Connect
With All That Is
Union of the higher heart to one's will sending out a radio signal to the entire Universe enabling profound communion to your higher self, guides, angels, all beings on other dimensions, fairies, and to the cores of Nature & Mother Earth Connect one's will to the higher heart, instead of ego's mind and enter a place of inner peace. Avoid unhealthy use of the imagination. Release old wounds and allow tiny new hurts to wash over you, instead of becoming emotional sores.
Rainbow Tourmaline
Everything In One
Blue - Connect with higher beings as to healing & spiritual growth. Black - Shield purify, ground. Green -Attune to Divine Love & healing energy. Golden - Reclaim one's power to serve the highest good. Pink - Activate the high-heart center Blue - Get to the root of emotional trauma. Black - Freedom of obsessive behaviors, worry & anxiety. Green - Release fear of change & control issues. Golden - Gain power, strength & ability. Pink - Emotional balancer & cleanser.
Red Jasper
Flow of Chi
Awaken the rising of Kundalini energy for a powerful spiritual experience; clear and balance the chakras, increase stamina, & strengthen the body which can lead to good health & balanced emotions. Opens creativity to focus on and manifest ideas. Freedom to express oneself as a sexual being, aiding one to let go of past guilt or shame & bring balance to old beliefs and ideas about sexual expression. Can also activate & counter lack of sexual interest. Heal from unpleasant past experiences.
Discover Hidden talents
Realize, unleash, develop and share your hidden talents and life purpose with all; help bring about change in others lives in service to Spirit. Awaken compassion and love for self & others. Helps to be given clear insight to ones visions and dreams. Stir-up passion within one's soul in the knowledge that you are doing what you came to do. Fosters self-esteem, self-respect and self-worth. Develop into a confident, self reliant and independent individual with great love for oneself.
Rose Quartz
A Spiritual
Bath of Love
Body, mind & spirit are immersed in the unconditional love and Infinite peace of the Universe. Unity of one's heart to the heart of Gaia and the Universal Source; a sense of union with all that is, experience compassionate love for self & all beings. Wash away fear, mistrust & all emotional wounds from the heart that keep you stuck; resonate with the benevolence of Christ and the love of the Creator. Can create a deep union with ones partner where giving & receiving goes unnoticed.
Ruby Zoisite
Increased Life Force
Provides energy for the rebirth of oneself into the soul, nurturing inner growth and a better sense of oneself and the world. Heightened sense of intuitively knowing. Awaken the heart; surrender to Divine Will and the eternal love of Universe. Healer of the emotional body. Offers one the energies of happiness, appreciation, abundance, vitality & growth. Harmonize relationships. Stop it playing it safe, see the gift in every breath of life and live life to the fullest with zest and intensity.
Angelic Connection
and Wholeness
Attune to the Angelic Realm, meet and speak with Angels. Communicate with Nature Sprits. Fills the aura of one who wears or beholds it with the vibration of wholeness and well being. Rapids ones evolution. Awareness of Divine Feminine. Premier healing stone most suited to bring body, mind and Spirit in alignment with Light energy. Let go of emotions that no longer serve bringing joyful energy to the body so that one reacts in a balanced and harmonious way.
Smoky Quartz
Grounding Stone
Works to ground and bring back into the body even the flightiest of individuals. Can neutralize, absorb and transmute negative energies and bad moods into the Earth. Aids to clear and cleanse the auric field and energetic systems. Provides focus when learning and offers patience when teaching. Use better common sense. Develop organizational skills. Its grounding abilities assist to engage one in the world with the ability to create your own circumstances.
Increased Intuition
Connect with your inner wisdom and gain great insight. Aids healers in accessing client traits and patterns. Great for deep meditation, shamanic journeys & dream work to discover core lessons of this lifetime and how to best deal with them. Increase trust in one's intuition; stop second-guessing and self-judgment. See everyday concerns in a whole new light; reducing anxiety, stress and constant worry. Live in the moment without being preoccupied about the past or future.
Recall One's Dreams
Energetic cleanser capable of dislodging and dispelling negative attachments. Can quicken ones spiritual growth so that one may be a guiding light in the Universe. Increase images and make sense of symbols rec'd in meditation and dreams. Offers optimism and awakens passion in the pursuit of one's dreams. Release any lack of confidence of your abilities. Ignite deep motivation and positive thinking. Find the path of the souls yearning that leads you to abundance and wholeness.
Tiger Eye
Harmony and Balance
Be a model of Christ consciousness in all that you do; allow this light to shine in the world. Maintain balance & recognize the essential harmony needed between opposites, e.g. dark and light. See all duality as an expression of a one Source. Remain calm and centered regardless of different opinions or approaches to life that could cause conflict; create harmony between all concerned. Learn how to discern and not judge. Helps to stabilize one's emotional responses in daily life.
Tourmalined Quartz
Cleanser and Purifier
Gain access to Divine light energy that is always available, which restores proper energetic flow to physical and spiritual bodies; removing blockages that create imbalance and disease. Helps to keep one's field clear of negative forces. Helps one to discover where negative influences and emotional patterns are preventing one from experiencing higher awareness and clarity of mind so further transformation can be achieved and one can continue to walk their spiritual path.
Zebra Jasper
Quiet the Mind
Take Action
Keep centered, grounded and connected during meditation and when working with higher realms. Overcome laziness, gain courage and determination to transform ideas into action and to see projects through to completion. Stop allowing for failure as an option in life and take action towards attaining your dreams and goals. Escape the perils of over-thinking & experience enjoyment of life as it comes. Balance energy, work and play to see all sides of a situation.

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