Crystals Blessed For You

Among her other gifts, Cecilia has a special ability to work with crystals and gemstones and integrate them into her Angelic Guidance and Healing sessions. Because of her attention to you as a unique individual, she is able to identify for you the specific crystals and gems that can help you anchor the energy you need for your own growth and renewal. Cecilia will bless these crystals for you and assist you to create your own blessings through prayer and affirmation. The crystals and gemstones may be worn in the form of bracelets, anklets or necklaces in order that you may carry with you their transforming energy.

With the help of the angels and guides, Cecilia has garnered a deep understanding of crystals and gemstones, their properties and their uses for healing. Cecilia also believes that communication with the world of minerals and stones is possible, and that crystals and gems are able to speak to us to reveal their specific abilities if we are attuned to their vibrations. Cecilia finds that her spiritual connections and heightened intuition allow her to pinpoint the specific crystals and gems that may be helpful to you as you seek guidance and transformation, including unique energetically healing crystals for you.

Along with her belief that everything in our lives happens for a reason, Cecilia also believes that the world of stones and crystals was created to assist us and to assist the evolution of the planet. She embraces the concept of Crystal Allies, coined by Naisha Ahsian, co-author of The Book of Stones. Cecilia also agrees that there exist friendly or benevolent energies, which are expressing themselves through the stones. The Book of Stones also comments that in many indigenous cultures, the healers and shamans have spoken directly with the elements of nature, including plants, animals and even minerals, and goes on to express the view that the earth is more alive and conscious than Western rational objectivity sometimes allows.

Cecilia works with you, with her angels and guides, and with the spirits of the nature kingdom in order that crystals and gems may become a treasured part of your life along your journey to joy, wholeness and spiritual connection.


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"Cecilia tuned into the perfect healing crystal bracelet for me! I feel the calming effects of the aquamarine crystals whenever I wear it."
Pasadena CA