Angelic Guidance and Healing Sessions with Cecilia

"Welcome! I believe the angels have guided you to my website. As God's healing instrument, I work as a team with the Archangels, Angels and Spirit Guides of High Frequency in God's consciousness and we greet you with warmth, enthusiasm and love. Whether it's healing, guidance or coaching you are looking for, it is my great desire that our experience together brings you healing and transformation, along with profound inspirational insight into your magnificent higher Self, and that you receive personal-to-you guidance and assistance and the transformation your soul is seeking. I invite you to take a journey with me and my angelic team down a wonderful path of self-discovery and healing. We look forward to meeting you and cheering you along your new trail of inspiration."          - Cecilia

Healings, Transformation, Space Clearings, Intuitive Guidance & Spiritual Coaching

In service to God Cecilia works with the Archangels, Angels and Guides sharing her Healing Gifts and Intuitive Guidance. As a spiritual coach she creates personalized sessions designed especially, and uniquely, for you. Blessings are imparted by way of God, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit and our Beloved Mother Mary.

Angelic Shamanic Healings

These very powerful techniques are unlike any healings you have ever experienced, they are designed to deeply cleanse and remove everything that prevents you from living the life you desire. Angelic Shamanic Healings are not energy healings; it is not through energizing that a person gets healing but through cleansing; it is not about how much you put in but how much you take out.

Every individuals experience is different depending on you specific needs at the time of your session, Cecilia will assist you to:
  • Remove spiritual blocks and impediments that prevent you from moving forward in your life and bring about a healing to your heart from past hurts, pain, traumatic and negative experiences
  • Diminish and remove fears, phobias, bad dreams and suicidal thoughts
  • Eliminate and put an end to uncontrollable ego driven emotions such and anger, rage, and aggressive behavior
  • Liberate you from depression, sadness, stress, worry and anxiety
  • Lessen and lighten any burdens and hopelessness
  • Lift and extract all attachments such as negative spirits and dark forces
  • Release you from supernatural forces, dark forces, spiritual attack and psychic attack
  • Free you from any harm put upon you; i.e. witchcraft, black magic, spells and curses
  • Help bring relieve to physical aches and pain
  • Ask for blessings of radiant, vibrant health to, restore and bring healing to your body
  • Let go of and put an end to compulsive and dependent habits
  • Do away with negative thoughts
  • Put an end to bad attitudes and negative actions and bring about more positive qualities already within you
  • Bring an end to being withdrawn, unsociable and unfriendly
  • Love and accept yourself and others without judgment
  • Purge away and let go of all resentment and unforgiveness
As an empath, Cecilia has the capacity to feel what you feel, which makes your connection even stronger and allows her to feel what blockages and attachments you may have that prevent Divine light from flowing freely through you.

With each session your body will feel lighter, you will feel more grounded and you will have better clarity. You will attain balance emotionally, mentally, physically and spirituality. Innate qualities of your authentic self will be awakened and doors will open to new levels of freedom, power and contentment to live your greatest potential. Your life will forever be changed thru these experiences.

Angelic Shamanic Sessions

Angelic Shamanic Transformational Healing
I implore the help of God and all the forces of Light along with my team of invisible helpers on your behalf. You will be asked what you would ask of God for your healing and I will be guided as to how to best serve you.

An intense moving experience will begin to take place and you will receive much more than what you ask for; everything that God wants to give you at this time.

During your session you will be cleared on all levels of everything that is of God's will of which you are ready to let go of. As the healing progresses you will begin to feel escalating degrees of lightness until a beautiful sense of peace and serenity washes over you.

At the end of the healing I will ground you and a beautiful blessing will be given to you to bring about even more, we will converse and I will provide support towards you continued healing and spiritual growth.

This type of healing requires your presence.

Angelic Shamanic
Spirit Removal Healing

Spirit Removal
  • With God's blessings negative entities and spirit attachments will be removed from the host body and pulled into the vortex of the Holy Cross.
You may not even be aware you have a spirit attached to you, these spirits create chaos within us and are culprits of
  • Bi-polar disorders
  • Personalities changes
  • Belligerent and bad attitudes
Many problems can arise from having an attachments such as
  • Pain, Fatigue, Loneliness, Depression, Anti-social behavior, Suicidal thoughts, Violence, Disturbing dreams, etc.
If you are suffering from these or other unexplained symptoms or any overwhelming emotions please know that there is help.

For more details relating to having a spirit attachment please refer to middle section of the Angel/Shamanic collaboration page

Angelic Shamanic
Special Request Healing

These are some of the many beautiful extra healings that only God with all his love can give you through these modalities.

An Angelic Shamanic Transformational Healing is prerequisite prior to having these healings.

These type of healings require your presence.

Spirit of addiction healing
  • To remove the addiction to smoking, drinking, etc. and extract the attachments making it difficult to be free of addictive behaviors and dependencies
Trauma at age of cause healing
  • To remove the emotional traumas or shocks at time of origin that create fear, challenges and disorder in our lives and bodies
Back stress relief for expectant mothers
  • Communication will be made to move the baby into proper position thus bringing the mother relief, then an invisible wrap will be placed on her body to hold the baby in place during the rest of the pregnancy
Sacral iliac joint closing
  • Subsequently after an accident, falling, or hurting your back, this joint can stay open thus creating reoccurring pain or stress on the back. After giving birth if this joint stays open it can prevent women from conceiving again
It is recommended to have the following two healings done, every 6 months.

Hormone healing and balancing
  • To increase or decrease hormonal imbalance for a better quality of life
Spirit of Manipulation Healing
  • To help someone who has been manipulated by a person on a one to one basis either intentionally or unintentionally.
  • You wouldn't even know, but many books are energetically filled with negative intentions to influence individuals and take your power away.
Angelic Shamanic
Personal Candle Healing

Petitions and special blessings personalized to your healing needs are made on your behalf to God and my team of invisible helpers using different colored candles, herbs, flowers and other of mother earth's elements to bring healing to you on an emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical level.

Healing begins the day the candles are lit, they will burn for 5 to 7 days, your petitions are then offered to God in a burning ceremony as a final blessing. I then give you a call and guidance and support will be provided, towards you continued healing and spiritual growth.

A beautiful dynamic healing that is done remotely.

Angelic Shamanic
Intercessory Candle Healing

A beautiful gift of compassion on behalf of a loved one. The healing can take place with or without the person's knowledge. This method is great for those who are not open to spiritual healings or do not believe. Petitions and blessings will be personalized to the individual receiving the healing, the benefits and techniques work the same as for personal candle healings.
Angelic Shamanic
Bowl of Life and
Emergency Healing

Through the use of raw natural ingredients receive extra assistance to bring about much needed change or to bring healing to your life in urgent and overwhelming situations or in times of adversity.
  • When you or someone you know needs urgent emotional relief in times of extreme sadness or deep depression.
  • When someone has a bad attitude.
  • When you need a blessing from God to bring some Good Luck to your life.
  • To bring in Sweetness and all that is good toward you.
  • To bring about growth in consciousness. This is good for non-believers, resistant, close-minded, stubborn, rigid and inflexible individuals.
  • When you need emergency healing on a physical level in critical situations (burns, surgery, heart attacks, major injuries, illness, etc.) resulting in a faster recovery.
This type of healing will take effect immediately or within 3 to 7 days. Critical cases may require a couple of these types of healings along with the care of your doctor.

In other cases such as bringing good luck or sweetness into life this will be of God's will and in God's timing.

This type of healing is done distantly and can be done for yourself or requested for a loved one.

Angelic Shamanic
Wet Healing

A very effective hands on healing that is quite potent and forceful, this all-encompassing purification using herbs, natural ingredients, flowers and other of Mother Nature's elements to lift and remove deep layers of emotional blocks and negative traumatic experiences from your cellular memory that are deeply buried, from this and other lifetimes that no longer serve you. This will assist you on all levels to accelerate your journey of healing and transformation towards becoming your natural authentic self and living life happily, free and at peace.

There is a lot of ground work in preparation for this type of healing. Please plan on being here for a least 3 hours.

This healing requires your presence.

Angelic Shamanic Space Clearings

Have you had trouble sleeping? Are you sensing, seeing or feeling a presence next to you? Has strange phenomena taking place in your house? Are you lacking energy or motivation? Has conflict become a repeated occurrence within your family? Is everyone in your family frequently sick or in pain? If you are undergoing any of these or other happenings in your home, do not despair, you can now get the help you have been seeking. Through God's blessings and miracles all ghost and spirits taking residence in your home can be extracted, proper cleansing can take place and normality and order can be restored to your life.

There are three types of house clearings, the first being the most affordable, the second is helpful in bringing cleansing to your home and family and the most beneficial is the third one where magnetic grids of the property are balanced and aligned, portals are closed and distortions are corrected. Due to the huge number of earthbound spirits that are not crossing to the light, until these alterations are made, spirits, ghosts and negative entities will more easily continue to be drawn to houses in need of this service.

Angelic Shamanic
House Candle Healing
I petition God on your behalf to spiritually cleanse your home of unwanted spirits and ghosts residing in your property and to lift away dirty and stagnant energies and emotional debris.

This is done as needed and is an excellent means of maintaining your home clean in the meantime or after having the Angelic Shamanic House Clearing, Blessing & Spiritual Feng done.

Angelic Shamanic
Spirit of Nature Healings

A beautiful blessed ceremony consisting of a week of prayers on behalf of you and your family where I petition God to spiritually cleanse and clear your home and family of all spirit attachments, ghost, negativity, disturbances, dirty & stagnant energies, emotions, witchcraft and all types of dark forces and of everything that is not of God's will.

Through the assistance of God and all of the Forces of Light we will call upon Mother Earth, the Spirit of Nature, specific elements and Spirits of certain herbs that carry the gift of profound healing faculties. Supernatural forces will make their way to your home with tornado like strength to clear and cleanse your home and everyone who currently resides there of everything that is of God's will.

This service can only be done amidst a seven day period during the full moon cycle.

This can also be used as a means of maintaining your home clean and giving the members of your family a good cleansing as well.

Angelic Shamanic House Clearing, Blessing & Spiritual Feng Shui

Divinely blessed to perform this type of house clearing I will spiritually clear and bless your home with the assistance of God, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, our Beloved Mother Mary and all the Archangels, Angels and Spirit Guides of the highest frequency to bring God's light and love to you home.

Balance, peace and harmony will be restored within your property and with your family. A blessing will done and a petition will be asked of God, to allow for better communication and meeting of the minds within your family; to provide guidance and movement in your life, to bring in love, happiness, prosperity, well-being and all that God wants to give you. This Beautiful Ceremony and Profound House Clearing along with a Spiritual Feng Shui technique will touch your heart and fill your home with peace and harmony.

It is only through God's intervention that this is possible, this magnificent and blessed event is truly a life changing experience and witnessing of God's miracles and love for us.

Angelic Shamanic House
Cleansing, Blessing
& Spiritual Feng Shui

"I am finally at peace in my own home after a friend recommended having a house clearing with Cecilia. It is a horrible thing to feel uncomfortable in your own home. I always felt uneasy, especially in the living room and in our bedroom....I am forever grateful to Cecilia and highly recommend the Angelic Shamanic House Clearing, Blessing Spiritual Feng Shui Session."

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A home cleansing and clearing will consist of
  • A thorough cleansing to disintegrate and remove all dirty, stagnant and dense energies
  • Sweeping, pulling and vacuuming of all negative energies
  • Cutting though and severing of all negativity
  • A Blessing of all mirrors, television and computer screens that are used as portals by the Spirit world
  • Spirits and ghosts will be removed from your property and assisted into the Light
  • Assistance to remove any types of witchcraft residing in your home household
Once the house is cleared, God will be asked to make the changes necessary to the property in which your home stands to allow for harmonious positive energy to flow through your home. This Sacred Feng Shui alignment and balancing will
  • Close portals and vortexes that negative spirits use to get access into your home
  • Repair holes that generate uncomfortable empty & chilly sensations in areas of your home
  • Fix distortions that create stagnant, dirty and negative energy throughout your home
  • Repair and correct weak or torn magnetic energy fields that stop the flow of positive energy, allowing for dirty, stagnant and negative energy to be dormant & trapped inside your home
  • Balance and align grid and ley lines connected to the main grid line of the planet that create chaos and disruption within your household
Changes made only benefit the area within the property lines of your home or apartment.
Here are some indicators of a home in needing a cleanse and alteration of the magnetic energy field and grid lines, they vary from:
  • Health problems
  • Unusual pain or discomfort
  • Sudden conflict and disorder
  • Unexplainable anxiety and nervousness,
  • Inability to sleep or sit in certain locations
  • Uncomfortable or constricted breathing
  • A sensation of being watched or followed
  • Uneasy or unnerving feelings
  • Awareness of an invisible presence
  • Mysterious noises or strange occurrences
  • A sudden draft of coldness brushes by you
  • Frequent or abnormal nausea
  • Weakness, sluggishness, and lack of motivation
  • Feeling off center when you enter your home
* Individuals who have this service can request a healing for themselves or family members at a 50% discount.

This is so much more than having your house smudged with sage or having your furniture and surroundings rearranged to allow energy to flow better. There are no other house clearing that compares to what you will receive. Individuals have been known to spend $15,000 or more to have their homes Feng Shuied and as someone who has practiced and learned various forms of house clearing modalities, also having spent up to $1000 to have my own home cleared with no avail. Personal taste is the only interior decorating and modification needed after this service.

These techniques work effectively with tremendous results. Every house clearing varies in time depending on the amount of cleansing needed and the amount of space to be cleared. They can run anywhere from 2 to 4 hours ranging from apartments to average size small or large homes.

Angelic Shamanic Business Clearing, Blessing & Spiritual Feng Shui

If you are seeking help for an unsuccessful business or are having trouble selling a home, through these same techniques, the cleansing, blessing and Spiritual Feng Shui will be done to attract more business, increase productivity, and create a positive work environment or help to draw buyers to your home to help sell it. Please contact me for further details. Call 714-595-6653 or email Cecilia

Angelic Intuitive Readings and Guidance

Are you ready to live the life you desire and have been praying for? Would you like to receive the guidance in your life that brings direction, encouragement, hope, healing and transformation? Are you looking for a deeper sense of connection with God, with the angelic realm? Do you have questions about your life, your path of calling, work and career, health and well-being, financial security or special relationships?

Angelic Intuitive
Readings and Guidance

I connect with God, the Angelic realm, and all of his forces of light to help guide you through
  • Challenges
  • Conflict
  • Heartache
  • Struggles
  • Crossroads
  • Transition
Your future can change at an instant depending on your choices, because we have free will.

Great Spirit is always in charge and makes sure you hear what you most need to bring about change, to give you clarity and to guide you towards a brighter future. You just need to be open to receiving!

Can be done in-person, via Skype, by telephone or long distance. Cecilia prefers the in-person or via Skype video cam whenever possible so you have the visual connection.

Angelic Spiritual Coaching

Along your journey of transformation and spiritual evolution, healing and coaching will work hand in hand in helping to awaken you to higher states of consciousness and connection. Cecilia and her team of invisible helpers will help guide you towards living the life you desire and in discovering your true essence and unlimited potential.

Angelic Spiritual

Here are some avenues of spiritual growth
  • Profound everlasting heart connection with God
  • Connect with your own Inner Guidance and Wisdom
  • Awareness of and acknowledging your Guardian Angel
  • Manifesting and Creating the Life You Desire
  • Allow your life to be guided by your Intuition our greatest gift to us from God
  • Discover and Live and your True Path of Calling
  • Awaken and develop your own innate qualities and spiritual gifts
  • Believe in yourself
  • Enhance self-Love, self-worth, truly love and accept yourself in all ways.
  • Let go of control; learn to surrender & trust in God's timing
  • Proper Meditation and Prayer
  • Affirmations and Intentions
  • Learn to walk in Christ Consciousness
  • Create peace, harmony and balance in your body, mind and Spirit
Coaching can be done in-person, via Skype, by telephone or long distance. Cecilia prefers the in-person or via Skype video cam whenever possible so you have the visual connection.

"It is my desire to be for you, the teacher that empowers you to realize your true essence and recognize your unlimited potential as a child of God. I pray you will know how deeply you are loved and allow for God's miracle and blessings to be imparted to you."

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We look forward to serving you,
Cecilia and her Guides and Angels

Please Note Angelic Guidance and Healing is not a substitute for medical or psychological diagnosis and treatment. Angelic Guidance and Healing is for the purpose of spiritual healing and healing of the outer bodies to assist a person in their own physical healing. It is also for stress reduction and relaxation. Cecilia does not diagnose conditions, nor does she perform medical treatment or prescribe medications. Cecilia's work is complementary to regular traditional and alternative healing therapies.

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  • Angelic Shamanic Spirit Removal
  • Angelic Shamanic Special Request Healing
  • Angelic Shamanic Personal Candle Healing
  • Angelic Shamanic Intercessory Candle Healing
  • Angelic Shamanic Bowl of LIfe and Emergency Healing
  • Angelic Shamanic
    Wet Healing
  • Angelic Shamanic House Candle Healing
  • Angelic Shamanic Spirit of Nature Healing
  • Angelic Shamanic House Cleansing, Blessing & Spiritual Feng Shui
  • Angelic Shamanic Business Cleansing,
    Blessing & Spiritual Feng Shui
  • Angelic Intuitive Readings & Guidance
  • Angelic Spiritual Coaching

"Cecilia has helped me heal from deep wounds from the past which has changed my life greatly. By observing the signs, I reconnected with myself again, and have found much happiness. I feel very fortunate that God has blessed me with an 'Angel' for a friend.
Thank You Cecy"
- Brazzilia H.

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"Cecilia me ha ayudado a sanar profundas cicatrices del pasado esto ha cambiado mucho mi vida. Al observer "las senales" me he reencontrado conmigo misma y esto me ha traido felicidad. Se que soy muy afortunada Dios me had dado lad Bendicion de tener la amistad de un 'Angel'
Gracias Ceci"
- Brazzilia H.

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