Think of a tree
and how when a
branch breaks off
it doesn't stop
but it keeps on
reaching up
to the Light.

Spiritual Coaching Gems

Blessings All,
I am creating this space so we could further connect with each other. Here, I can share with you some of the ways I keep my connection with Universal Source, the Angelic realm and Mother Earth — and some very special moments that have happened to me. It is my hope that through our work together you will be able to share with me extraordinary things that you too will experience for yourself.

Being Grounded
One of the first things I would like to share with you so that it does not happen to you is the significance of grounding yourself after meditation, prayer and being in communication with the angelic realm. Being ungrounded signifies your spirit is out of your body. One of the reasons that some individuals who choose a life path of a spiritual practice do not manifest prosperity in their life is for exactly this reason, not being grounded. Others use it as a form of escapism; others float around outside of their body and don't even know it. You cannot burn karma when you are out of your body. You must be fully in your body to experience life to the fullest and to live the life you were meant to. Prosperity, good health, and happiness is what the Universe desires for you. You will be shown proper ways of bringing your spirit back into your body.

Calling on Angels to Help
Have you ever lost something or were you ever in a rush and you couldn't find your keys? When you start to trust you guidance system and learn to rely on it, you will be able to use it even this capacity. Archangel Chamuel can assist you in locating lost items. A simple prayer might be "Archangel Chamuel please help me locate my missing keys I seem to have misplaced them and I do not want to be late to work, please guide me as to where to look. Thank You Chamuel."
Discover all the areas that you can call on the Archangels, Angels, Ascended Masters and the entire Angelic realm for help they will be there as soon as you call on them.

Working with your intuition
A simple way of increasing your own innate intuitive qualities is by acknowledging the guidance you receive, merely, say "Thank you, intuition" "Thank you, God" and just by honoring your intuition in this way, your own gifts will start to increase. If you don't, your inner voice will find it unimportant to assist you.

Some of My Favorite Affirmations:

      "I am now attracting all that I need in my life for my highest and greatest good"
      "Every day and in every way my life gets better and better and better"

One of the first things I say after my morning prayers are these two powerful affirmations:

      Do you dare to imagine a better life for yourself a great life!
      Think of a tree and how when a branch breaks off it doesn't stop but
          it keeps on reaching up to the Light.

Start using affirmations and other tools I will show you and see for yourself….
You deserve it, you really do.

Fear & Worry
Do you know what fear stands for? False evidence appearing real.
When you worry you use your imagination to create that which you do not want.
Let go of fear and worry by letting go of ego!
You can never leave the ego but you can certainly outgrow it!

Do you know what the sound of silence sounds like? Next time you're alone and just waking up or just falling asleep close your eyes and listen, you'll hear it? Sounds like Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

In between this silence is the voice of your guidance system.

Journaling & Gratitude
Do you know the Universe doesn't know the difference between reality and fantasy? Start Journaling your new life today! Be in a state of gratitude and appreciation; notice all the blessings in your life they are all around you. How can you create the life you want if you don't appreciate what you already have? Start your Book of Appreciation today.

The Miracles of Archangel Michael

The van that wouldn't start!
On another occasion my husband who is a teacher had a van full of kids on his way to take them home after a field trip. We were on our way when the van broke down. We pushed the van out of the road and my husband tried to start it a couple more times and nothing. He got out of the van and went to call for a tow. I quickly got in the driver seat called on Archangel Michael and prayed "Michael we need your help we have a van full of students whose parents are waiting for them and it is cold out please help I laid my hands on the steering wheel and waited for a signal. When I got the sense I could try again I turned the key and YES the van started. Thank You Michael! We were able to get all the kids home and us back to the school to pick up our car and go home.

Do you have a box of dreams….. a place to store all of your hearts desires knowing that one day the Universe will supply them.

You too can experience the miracles of Archangel Michael and the box of dreams come true.

The camera battery had died!
In the summer of 2008 I was blessed with one of those dreams come true. A trip to the magnificent country of Greece. In 10 days we were to visit several islands and we had a list of all the sacred sites we wanted to visit while there. Blessed to have visited mostly every place we wanted to there was still one I longed to see that spoke to my heart, the sacred ruins in Delphi. With only one day left in Athens we decided to rent a car and drive out to Delphi ourselves, after a very long & hot drive we arrived to our destination elated we parked and started hiking along and were able to see so many amazing ruins.

Hours had past but yet we could not find the temple of Athena, as we made our way back to the car and started heading back we realized it was on the other side of the road down the hill. We raced down to find it and there it was in awe I said to my husband "can you please get a photo" he pulled out his camera and went to snap the photo — and GUESS WHAT? The camera was dead, the battery had died he tried again and nothing. Sad for a moment I went to my guidance system, and in a few seconds I knew what to do. I said to my husband "honey can you hand me the camera" I cupped the camera in my hands and called on Archangel Michael as I prayed for a miracle of one last shot of a place that we would most likely never come to again. I handed the camera back to my husband and said "Take the shot" a little hesitant he took the shot and here it is:

How Do You Feed Your Spirit?

Here are some of my favorite songs to feed my Spirit.
  • Song of the Soul by Cris Williamson
  • Top of the World by the Carpenters
  • I Can Do It by Francine Jarry
  • A New Attitude by Patti Labelle
  • Angels Among Us by Alabama
  • Angels Watching Over Me by Shania Noll
  • Feeling Good by Michael Bublé
  • Wonderful World by Elvis Presley
  • A Hundred Thousand Angels by Bliss

  • Come to the Light by Bliss
  • If You Want It by Francine Jarry
  • You are Not Alone by Mayana
  • Love Will Last Forever by Mayana
  • God of Beauty by Shania Noll

Here are some of my favorite feel good movies that feed my Spirit.
  • The Prize Winner
  • August Rush
  • Contact
  • Life is Beautiful
  • Phenomenon
  • Edward Scissorhands
  • Chocolat
  • Field of Dreams
  • Last Holiday
  • The Bucket List
  • Powder
  • Simon Birch
Watch this short excerpt from Powder called You're Part of Everything

These are a must to inspire and teach.
  • Ambition to Meaning by Wayne W. Dyer
  • You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay
And, here is a short uplifting movie filled with inspirational messages:
Cecilia's recommended reading.
  • Humanity's Spiritual Plaque by Victor Barron available through Cecilia at $19.95 on Session Request page
  • The Power Is Within You by Louise Hay
  • Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers
Already read these books, email Cecilia for some other recommended reading.

For a fun spiritual adventure story:
  • The Celestine Prophecy (on DVD as well)
And for interpreting dreams my inner guidance recommends:
  • The Dream Book by Betty Bethards
Send me an e-mail cecilia@angelicguidanceandhealing.com and share ways you feed your Spirit and some of your favorite feel good songs, movies and books.

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"The guidance within evolves the world towards a heaven that is already here—to know this is to know our destiny."
James Redfield
The Celestine Prophecy