Testimonials for Sessions with Cecilia

We would like to share with you a few of the stories of what others, their families and children have experienced when they have asked Cecilia to assist them through her special, personalized angelic shamanic healings, space clearings, readings, and coaching.

" In August of 2013, I went for a consultation with Cecilia after a friend recommended seeing her. I was going through a very rough time. My life was in turmoil and I felt broken. I had been in constant prayer with God prior to meeting her knowing that he was helping to renew my broken spirit. As I sat and spoke with Cecilia, I knew that God had brought me to the right person to help bring healing to my life.

My session was unlike anything I had ever experienced before, the prayers and words that Cecilia spoke during my session helped me to surrender all the heaviness, resentments and unforgiveness I was carrying in my heart. I could actually feel the presence of Jesus holding me, and as many tears streamed down my face, I felt all the pain and hurt leaving me. God was healing me - it was a truly beautiful experience. It is quite breathtaking to feel the presence of God alongside the compassion of Jesus who came with all his love, understanding and forgiveness. Because of Cecilia's guidance, it was the first time I ever clearly heard and felt God so profoundly. I felt truly loved.

Prior to my healing, I was diagnosed with Pamplona Virus a condition that causes lesions that lead to cervical cancer. This created great fear. It was very scary to think I might never be able to have a family. My doctor had to put me on work leave because I went into a deep depression and was suffering from anxiety attacks. My healing was so powerful, so life changing and miraculous. I knew God had healed me and gave me another chance. I was able to return to work, and I no longer suffer from depression and anxiety. The virus is completely gone.

After five months, my life continues to evolve. Her guidance has shown me to allow God to guide me by surrendering and by tuning in to my own inner wisdom and intuition. She has also taught me how to really love myself and how to live life happily and free. Thank you Cecilia for helping guide me back into God's beautiful love. I look forward to continuing my healing journey with you.
—Christina, Los Angeles, CA

" I am finally at peace in my on home after a friend recommended having a house clearing with Cecilia. It is a horrible thing to feel uncomfortable in your own home. I always felt uneasy, especially in the living room and in our bedroom. I could not sit and watch television with my husband from the negativity I felt. Even worse yet, I could not sleep in our own bed. When she arrived to my home, she was able to sense all the pain, sadness, weakness, dizziness and heaviness I was experiencing. I was amazed. She was able to explain why I was feeling so much discomfort and emotions that were not my own. I had already tried other cleansings, but no change had come about. As she started to cleanse my home, I immediately ran to throw up and as she continued I could sense all the bad feelings leaving me. I started feeling lighter and stronger, all the pain and discomfort was lifted from my body. It was quite apparent that God's hand was at work here. Once the final blessing was done, I walked through each room. All I felt was peace and tranquility. I laid in my bed and the energy was so different. I have now been sleeping in my own bed, and I am now enjoying down time with my husband in our living room. I am forever grateful to Cecilia and highly recommend the Angelic Shamanic House Clearing, Blessing Spiritual Feng Shui Session.
—Tabare, Santa Fe Springs, California

" It has now been a year and a half since I first started having candle healings with Cecilia. I can hardly describe to you how much my life has improved. I literally never thought I would feel this way on a daily basis. My life was difficult. I always suffered from anxiety and depression. Now I feel I am living in another lifetime. It is that much better. I am able to feel my spirit and my heart. I live from my heart a little more every day. That has always been the goal of my life, and it is coming true!! I attribute this to having regular healings on a monthly basis.

I am someone who has always put a higher priority on my state of mind rather than on material success. My inner health is very important to me. The beautiful thing about these healings is that not only am I happier, freer and at peace but my business is also being blessed with many new clients and with greater abundance.

I am so grateful for these clearings and these teachings. They are straightforward and profound. Cecilia is a fabulously supportive person who is really able to offer her gifts and deep knowledge in a non-judgmental manner. She is committed to being there for her clients - you will feel it! I have sent many people to her. I cannot recommend her highly enough!
—Deirdre, Astoria, New York

" I have known Cecilia for many years but had not kept in touch with her in quite some time. My life had turned in a negative direction, having a very negative outlook on life while continuing to be a somewhat functional human being. I was dealing with an addiction to alcohol at the same time which hindered me from straightening out all of my life's negative issues. I became distant from God, my family and friends. I became a very secluded person not even wanting to be around the family that loves me dearly. My relationship with my girlfriend was deteriorating rapidly as well. I thought that I was doing "OK" because I was maintaining my job but started missing days at work due to depression.

Cecilia contacted me and had a "feeling" I needed help. She was so right! With Cecilia's guidance, healing, loving support and some tough love I was able to see that I was using drinking as a means of coping with life circumstances and daily stress of work. I started my healing journey in April of 2013 and have consistently had monthly healings since. I cannot emphasize enough the changes within me that each healing brings me. Cecilia removed several spirit attachments from me and explained that the level of overwhelming anxiety and deep depression was brought on by negative entities. It was as if I could breathe easier with each healing. I have been able to start focusing on the positive aspects of life again.

The healings I have had from her have been amazing and life changing. Every healing is unique. I wholeheartedly recommend all of her healings, personal candle healings, bowl of life healings, transformational healings. My favorite was the wet healing, and the most important was the Spirit of Addiction healing. I now have a much more positive outlook on life. I am no longer being "controlled" by alcohol. I received a great promotion at work. I now see my family regularly with joy in my heart and have a newfound relationship with God. Cecilia is truly an angel that has been sent to me!
—Michael, Irvine, CA

" My life has completely changed since my first session with Cecilia. It is my desire that my testimony will help others who need assistance. Cecilia has been a customer at the Post office where I work as a clerk. I have known her for a while, but I didn't know that she was a spiritual healer. A few months ago, I was researching online for aura cleansing - something to help me. God sent her to me. She came to mail some packages and mentioned that she dedicated herself to spiritual healings. I looked her up online for testimonials and decided to give her a try.

Before going to see her, I had a lot of challenges (problems). I was very unhappy and felt I couldn't find peace. I was scared to hear the phone ring, because there was always bad news. I don't remember when or how it started, things just kept getting worse. My Dad almost died from a ruptured intestine. My mom was constantly sick, and my youngest brother committed suicide. My Husband had a motorcycle accident, broke his sternum and a couple of ribs and then was off from work for 3 months. My son started bleeding heavily after a surgery, and we could not find a doctor to help him. Dad was diagnosed with cancer with no hope. Then my other brother's intestine ruptured. One thing after another. I felt like I was going crazy.

I was hopeless, frustrated, sad, angry, etc. I would sometimes cry while driving to work. Work was hard (too many angry customers). I would go to the gym and felt suffocated by the crowd. In my house we would argue all the time. I couldn't sleep. I was always tired. I had been trying to buy a house for a few years but something always went wrong, I prayed but felt my prayers didn't get heard.

After 3 Angelic Shamanic Transformational Healings, I feel happy and no longer focus on challenges, because I know God has the solution. I have customers making comments like "you look beautiful", "you look younger". Dad's cancer has shrunk. I have closed escrow, and I now own a house in a better area than I expected. I can't wait for Cecilia to come and bless my house. My husband wants to have a session with Cecilia because he sees the big change in me. I sleep really well, and I feel free. Thank You God! Thanks to my angels and a very special thank you to Cecilia!
—Micaela, Stanton, California

" My physicality and state of mind were not in a good place, I had been through a break up and although much time had passed, I still felt tied to my ex. I could not shake off the deep despair within me. I longed to feel like myself and be happy again. I had been looking for some time in search of a good healer in Malaysia where I reside, but having no success doing so, I decided to search online instead. This is where I came across Cecilia's website. Upon reading about her and the work she does, I initiated contact. We spoke on Skype and she explained how the healings worked. I immediately booked a candle healing session. I followed all the suggestions and guidance she gave me and within a week the heavy depression and negativity I felt was lifted, I could breathe again and no longer felt drained. I knew that God's hand was at work here because every time I closed my eyes I could see Jesus and I would see Cecilia too. This was so amazing and my greatest joy was the realization I got that God was within me.

I decided to try some other healings - bowl of life healings, good luck healings - and have continued with candle healings and bought some crystal bracelets. The modalities and tools she uses are tremendously effective. I am so grateful and feel very blessed to have found her. I can't imagine how my life would have ended up without her guidance and assistance. I have made many changes in my life and have incorporated all she has taught me, starting with loving and accepting myself. I was always a pleaser and always did what other told me or wanted me to do. Now I am brave and am living the life I desire. Cecilia is a great teacher and is a very gifted healer, I strongly recommend her services. Every time I have a healing I feel lighter and freer. They have made a huge difference in my life.

I also suggest giving a loved one a healing. I did an intercessory candle healing for my mom. She was looking quite sickly, was always in pain, stressed out and not herself. After the healing, she was happier and I could see the changes the healing provided. I am looking forward to having more healings for myself and my mother. One day I hope to come to California and meet Cecilia - you are an angel sent by God. Thank you for all you have done for me.
—Hani, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

" I stumbled across Cecilia's website while browsing for healing crystals. What I felt was an immediate sense of calmness as I read about the healing work she does. I initiated contact, and as we spoke there was an instant feeling of relief like I was supposed to connect with her. After being diagnosed with Stage IV Breast Cancer, I was in a very dark place and had lost all Faith. Through her guidance, she has helped me reestablish my connection with God and has given me hope that healing is possible. I have also come to realize the role I played emotionally and mentally that brought me to this point in my life. After years of putting everyone else first and feeling overwhelmed and heavily burdened, there is a sense of peace and lightness that I feel with each healing. My physical condition is improving, and I am working daily to love myself more and to focus on the blessings in my life. I have also seen harmony restored within my family and for all of this I am so appreciative. Thank you Cecilia!
—Jo-Ann, Corona, California

" My journey with Cecilia has been a truly amazing and transformational one. I look back and can't imagine my life without having her by my side to guide me and help me through deep rooted emotional traumas. Her healings are so unique and powerful. At times I have fallen back with old patterns but she's always there to remind me that I need to stay on track, and that although it's not easy, I need to stay focused and continue my path of healings. It has been because of her strong guidance and care that I have been able to stay on course and can happily attest at the magnificent results I have already seen and experienced.

Perhaps one of the major ones is my relationship with my daughter. I was seriously considering a psychologist or therapy sessions for my teenage daughter because our relationship was very rocky. When she entered her teenage years, I was desperately dealing with her ever-changing hormones and bad attitude. when Cecilia offered child sessions, I was all ears. I implemented what she lovingly guided me to do. The healing sessions on her worked miracles!! It absolutely improved our relationship by 90% - it was like night and day… I say 90% because relationships are not meant to be perfect but what the healings have done is to help her manage her emotions better She is now more conscious about her behavior and actions and how it all affects me, us. It was as if all the negativity was wiped away and her true essence was coming forth. I'm very excited for future sessions with my daughter and continuing our spiritual paths together…. My son is also on track… he's only 12 but is always very curious as to what this is all about.

Also something important to note is that I don't think I ever felt worthy of being loved or understood the concept of loving myself. Since working with Cecilia, she has helped me establish a better relationship with myself, and I have come to love and accept myself. People around me have noticed the change too.

In summary Cecilia has effectively helped me in the areas of love (bad relationships with men, always choosing the same painful pattern), my relationship with my children, family and friends. Dhe has also had a major impact in my business and has helped me get out of the rut I was in. I am now happier - emotionally and financially - and more at peace. I know that from this point on it can only get better…

Since my first healing, I have always felt at home, understood, protected, nurtured and cared for without any judgments. My spiritual mommy as I call her really has indeed treated me with such care and concern that only a caring mother would for a child. I strongly recommend working with Cecilia.
—-Bertha, Upland, CA

" My life has been shifting for the better in so many ways since I started working with Cecilia, I am now able to live independently with my family after living with my parents for several years. Excited, we started searching and found a home we fell in love with, but as we walked through the house I started to notice that something was off. I felt quite uncomfortable and decided that the normal blessing we would usually do, spraying Holy Water in every corner of the house and around the property lines would not be enough. I immediately called Cecilia knowing she would know how to help as we were determined to make this our home. She suggested not moving in until we cleansed the home.

We were given the keys to our new house but there was no way I was going back there until she cleared it so the day of the house cleansing I was to meet her there. I went in to prepare for her arrival, but the moment I walked in a frightful feeling came over me… I was not alone. It was quite eerie. I tried to be brave but the longer I stayed there the more uneasy I felt. Suddenly I sensed something coming closer to me as if to harm me. I got so scared I ran outside and refused to go back in. I was relieved as her car pulled up the driveway, and when she got out of her vehicle, I was amazed at the peace she brought with her.

I did not know what to expect or what was entailed. Simply put, what followed was remarkable. I saw Cecilia pour her heart and love into her work and with every step there was great reverence in what she was doing. When the ceremony was complete, my husband who does not understand much about spiritual healings and such arrived, and as he walked in our home, the first words that came out of his mouth were "it feels so tranquil and peaceful" - and it really did. It felt as if the home was now embracing us, as if it was sitting on a plot of divine, holy soil. God's love radiated throughout the house. the change was unbelievable and miraculous. There were huge smiles on both our faces because it felt so good. Since we had the house cleared and blessed, we have noticed even more blessings pouring upon my family. Thank you God! Thank you Cecilia! You are an Angel sent by God.
—-Lizbeth, Riverside, California

" I was a mess when I went to Cecilia. I went through a lot in my life, always getting hurt emotionally and lost spiritually. Feeling defeated and off course, I strayed from God. I had searched all my life for my purpose and never found it. I never lived for myself. I closed my heart so I didn't have to feel pain anymore but honestly, I still cried all the time. After several healings, I found my calling and the courage to start opening my heart again. I am happier. I now love and accept myself in all ways and I know that I am not alone. God is now the center of my life. I love Cecilia. She really cares and is so genuine. She is always there for me. She guides me through the rough times, and when I start to lose hope, she restores my Faith. She is truly a Godsend. Because of her, I am living life more fully and am clear on my life purpose. Because of her, I have a deeper connection with God. I am so grateful to God for sending Cecilia. She is a Guardian Angel.
—Jane, Artesia, California

" Prior to my session I was in a wave of confusion regarding my career and love life. I knew I was unhappy and didn't know how to move forward to make a change. Upon meeting with Cecilia, I asked for clarity within both areas of my life. It has been only a few months since my first session and I am happy to say that I now have both a wonderful new job and am in an amazing new romantic relationship with a man who is amazingly kind. I believe I knew what was best for me all along. I just needed guidance to trust my intuition and confidence to make a change. I believe the healing cleared me of whatever had me stuck and confused. I am still in awe of the sense of lightness and peace that washed over me during my session. The healing, along with Cecilia's guidance, gave me the extra courage and strength I needed to build confidence in myself and make changes toward a healthier and happier path for myself. I am very grateful for this session and for meeting Cecilia, and I look forward to more sessions with her. I highly recommend others to attend a session with Cecilia if they feel they are in need of guidance to make a change. Thank you Cecilia!"
—Anonymous, Los Angeles County

" A few years ago I found a picture of my ex-boyfriend and a picture of me stuck together with honey, it was placed under my mattress on my side of the bed. I didn't pay much attention at that time. We had some problems and decided to go our own ways. Before he left, his words were "you're never going to be happy." I started dating and things were going better than ever. I had a great guy by my side, but it only lasted a couple of months. We started arguing, having huge arguments. Every time I tried to get things on the right track, it kept getting worse.

I did not understand why my life was a complete mess. I was no longer happy. Desperate for a change, I decided to get some help from Cecilia and asked for a candle session. The darkness of what I now understand was witchcraft started lifting off of me. Things started getting on the right track, problems started to have solutions. I am very happy, my life is a complete turnaround. I thank first of all God for allowing me to get my life back, and I thank Cecilia for all her help."
—Genesis, Corona, California

" I met Cecilia 3 1/2 years ago, and until recently —I finally said yes to having a candle healing, if you had met me before, you would not know I was the same person. I used to wear black all the time. I was very anti-social, kept to myself, and wanted to be left alone. After the healing, I found myself wanting to wear beautiful bright colors. It was as if a wall came down and I was ready to be part of the world again and be among friends.

I then decided to have a healing done for my son who having troubles with his bowel movements from a lack of interest in eating anything healthy. Cecilia made a special petition on his behalf, and lo and behold, he started eating vegetables, and his bowel moments, I am happy to say are quite normal. Even Cecilia was overwhelmed with joy.

Prior to having my home cleansed, I would almost never go into our game room from the negativity I felt in there. There were times while cooking I would get the sense of someone standing in the corner, that would freak me out, and what seemed to smell like mildew. Our bedroom also had the mildew smell, and it was quite scary being in there, and my husband would have the worst nightmares.

Cecilia, I had no doubts that this would be an incredible experience, but what transpired during this house clearing, in fact moved me. As each room was cleared, I felt as if I could breathe again. There was not one dark corner that I could sense. All the weird odors were gone, and my fears were immediately lifted. What really amazed me was the immediate flow of positive energy when the grids were changed. I felt balanced, stable and really grounded, like never before.

Since the clearing, I am no longer scared when I walk into any room. My husband stopped having nightmares, and the attitudes of my family are completely different and quite positive.

Thank you, does not seem sufficient enough. I am still in awe over all that has come to pass."
—Lida, Anaheim, California

" Since my healing a lot has changed within me, I asked for inner peace and confidence and the strength and guidance for my path. I can't tell you how clear things have been. With the help of God, I have seen how my past thinking and beliefs were impeding my growth. I used to be so scared of life and what would be around the corner.

My thought process has vastly improved. I feel a lot more confident in myself these days. I'm learning about boundaries and not overextending myself to others. I've found peace with my past, I feel very positive about the future. It's on ongoing process, but I feel so divinely guided… so perfectly protected. I am now working toward living my heart's desire and life path.

Something wonderful that transpired for me after my healing, was that out of nowhere, I suddenly got inspired to draw. I hadn't drawn anything in quite some time. I had always enjoyed doodling, and my drawings were okay, but after my healing, I was quite surprised as to how good my drawings were turning out.

What I am really grateful for are my sons. Cecilia suggested doing a candle healing on my 3 year old son Brenden who was diagnosed with PDD. Generally he was very unhappy, and spent most of his time screaming. He barely spoke a few words and constantly needed to be hugged. After two healings, he now spends a lot more time laughing and interacting. He is now a much happier, talks a lot more. He plays with his older brother and is more interested in the world around him.

I decided to do a healing for my 5 year old son, Andrew, who was always unfocused and couldn't stay on task. After one healing, his foggy mind seems to have cleared up, and his teachers told me about his improvement in school.

I'm looking forward to my next healing and what else transpires for me and my family!! Thank you Cecilia for all your help, you're an amazing woman! Xoxo"
—Michelle, Cerritos, California

" I noticed a difference right from the first candle healing I had with Cecilia. Negative thinking had been part of my daily pattern of thinking for so long that I took it for granted. I thought it would always be something I had to deal with. I have been on a spiritual path for a long time, and have had many healings, taken workshops and meditate. I have never experienced results like this.

After three candle healings, these negative patterns of thinking have not come back. My thoughts are now more positive, clearer and happier. A deep loneliness that had been with me since childhood just evaporated. This is remarkable considering where I am coming from.

As we continued with the healings, calmness and lack of distress became my baseline. Then some very difficult life events happened. Cecilia has been so supportive, helping me through them. I trust her honesty and her kind heart. She is really wonderful, and makes herself available so that I know she will be there for me. I shudder to think how I would be reacting if I had not had these healings. As it is, I am able to work my way through this difficult time and know I will recover well.

I recommend giving the candle healings a try. They are not expensive or demanding to do. I hope that everyone may have an experience as beneficial as mine!"
—Deirdre, Astoria, New York

" I don't know if words can express the deep gratitude I have for Cecilia being brought into my life, and most especially the life of my family. Her compassion for the well being of others is her passion. Cecilia is a source of joy and blessing, and I am forever grateful.

The spiritual path is new to me, and she has inspired me to want to clean up my life. She has a incredible gift, she allows me to feel comfortable and at ease. She explains and helps me work through things in a way that I can understand, learn from, and implement into my life. She has helped me to experience a level of peace and contentment with myself and my life that I didn't know I could have.

I am learning so many things from Cecilia's guidance and teaching… I know that these are but small steps that I am taking which will awaken greater healing for me. I am so excited about the next steps.

A lot of turmoil had been occurring in our lives, and there were some strange things occurring in our home. Cecilia suggested we have our house cleansed. I was not sure what to expect but kept an open mind. What took place left me speechless. I can't explain this, but when I would go into my son's room, it felt like I was being choked. [With the house clearing] as I sat in his room, tears rolled down my eyes, and I could breathe again. The house suddenly felt lighter as if a dark cloud had been lifted away.

It was quite a beautiful experience. One that will never forget. It has changed how my family interacts with each other. We are learning to put everything into clearer perspective. We feel less stressed. It's like a big burden has been lifted from us."
—Gina, Anaheim, California

" Cecilia is amazing! After some personal life changes, I began to research crystals and the benefits of healing crystal bracelets. I came across Cecilia's web page and emailed her with my questions and interests. In no time at all she responded and immediately I was drawn to her compassion, caring and kindness - not to mention she answered all of my questions on healing crystals. She took my personal situation and gave me recommendations as to what crystals I should include with my bracelets and why. She provided so many details it was like she was sitting right there with me - going through the same situation - knowing how I was feeling.

Cecilia made 4 beautiful bracelets for me - they are stunning and made of the highest quality. I can feel her blessings in them and I wear them every day. I felt connected to them right away and I have received MANY compliments while wearing them. She also provided full instructions on how to wear and take care of my bracelets. All of my communication with Cecilia took place over email - I live in Indiana, Cecilia in Orange County, CA, but she communicated and stayed with me through this whole process. I know that I have made a friend whom I will keep in touch with for a lifetime. Cecilia is an angel and a blessing in my life!"
—Jennifer, Indianapolis, IN

" My name is Dr. Camhy Hall. I am a Chiropractor and an Acupuncturist. Being a healer, I understand the importance and delicate balance of one's own energy. Over the past couple of years I have sought out many healers but none had the knowledge and intuitive capabilities of Cecilia Andrews.

Within my first transformation healing session, Cecilia helped bring up and cleared emotions regarding my beloved father that I thought were taken care of many years ago. Additionally, Cecilia helped relay messages from my father and I was given a chance to speak with him of all the love and gratitude I had; things I didn't have a chance to say before he passed.

Furthermore, I expressed to Cecilia my concerns regarding my practice, especially now that I am pregnant. Because I am a healer, I tend to pick up my patients ailments easily. Cecilia taught me how to ground myself and how to clear myself and the room after each patient. My healing room feels so much lighter now and I feel more peaceful around my patients.

Cecilia also suggested a few crystals to help further my healing, to strengthen my connection to divine as I continue with my profession, and to protect me as well as my unborn child from negative energy. I definitely can feel the difference without them.

I am grateful to have met Cecilia as we journey on this path that has brought us together."
—Dr. Camhy Hall, Long Beach, California

" It was truly by divine intervention that I met Cecilia. I had just begun working with Crystals and went online to order crystal jewelry and came across her website. It was in reading her history that I realized that there was something special about Cecilia and that truly I had been lead to her for such a time in my life. I began my spiritual journey three years ago after getting this deep desire to go deeper within myself and there I would find truth.

Cecilia has been nothing but wonderful, gentle, and understanding. She has never judged my intent but instead given me guidance through the help of her angels and guides. I am now growing spiritually in all areas of my life. I am grateful that God has brought us together and look forward to all that is to come. I must say although I was very skeptical, Cecilia's kind spirit has made me feel nothing but calm and safe and because of this I am seeing positive changes in my life."
—L Gibbs, Virginia

" I have tried different types of therapy and healers but for me Cecilia is one of a kind. From day one I knew she was special and had a feeling of being taken care of. Cecilia's steadfast attitude coupled with her not putting a time limit on solving a problem is what led to our success. I told her "thank you for not giving up on me", as I teared up from all the emotions that I was feeling, after one of our sessions, just being there felt so right, a beautiful feeling of peace and lightness filled me up, something so hard to explain because I literally felt like I had no cares in the world, I just felt light as a feather.

The tools she works with are also very unique including the blessed crystals and stone bracelets...they are unique to each person, mine called me out which is how Cecilia described it and when I tried it on I even got the chills it just felt right. Cecilia genuinely cares for the well being of her clients and I am forever grateful to have met her. I consider her a dear soul that cares so much for me, my well being and my spiritual path; as I continue working with her I find that I'm not only evolving spiritually but also letting the "old" me fade away.

Thank you Cecilia so so much... I feel truly blessed to have met you!! much love."
—Stephanie, Upland, California

" One day as I was driving home, I asked my angels to send me someone that could help me on my path to spiritual light. I wanted someone who would be sincere, honest and not take advantage of me. Later that evening as I searched through the internet, I stumbled across Cecilia's website and I started reading about her and what she has done. I was so EXCITED!!! I immediately called to see if she was the one I prayed to my angels for. As soon as she answered the phone I knew it was what I wanted. I asked questions about what she can do for me and I told her I would call her back to set up an appointment. Two weeks later I set up an appointment to have a reading with Cecilia. I had my session via SKYPE because I live in Florida. I never used SKYPE before but it was easy and I felt good about the whole situation. I listened mostly, to the guidance received about what would help me get back on track for my spiritual journey and life path. I was a little scared and unsure but I knew in my heart she was chosen to help and guide me.

Cecilia is wonderful! She is down-to-earth, joyful, easy to talk to and a straight forward person.....I love that about her! She is great! I so needed someone like her to appear in my life. I feel so many emotions since my reading, I am letting go of so much and I am more open than ever to receiving the help and guidance. I feel ASPIRED!!! This is something that I have long awaited for. Something that my body, mind and soul yearned for. And it's finally made its way into my life. Thank you Cecilia for new hope in my life. It's time for me to embark on my new life so.....BRING IT ON!!! I am READY for all that will serve my greatest good and I am looking forward to my continuing work with Cecilia ....xoxo ~ With love,"
—Nikki, Florida

" Prior to meeting Cecilia, I was "stressed" and having a difficult time knowing how to achieve my goals. I have many goals and did not know if I could accomplish them in the time frame I've set. Cecilia has a way of speaking to you in YOUR language. She helped me focus on what I need which has in turn decreased my "stress." I now have even greater focus on the things I need. With the tools she has taught me I am able to re-center and focus when things start to feel out of order."
—Dr. Julie Brown D.C, Long Beach, California

" After miraculously surviving a tragic car accident; In the days that followed as I was going through my recuperating process, I kept having a sense of an urgent feeling, along with a deep knowing that I survived for a reason. Although I felt a little lost, I knew there was something I had to accomplish. After all God had given me a second chance in life.

One day I was having a conversation with a woman I had just met, as if in divine timing, I felt deep inside me that she was part of the answer to that unknown feeling of urgency I had been feeling. In our conversation she mentioned she had a spiritual coach named Cecilia who worked with the Angels that was assisting her on her life path. Her suggestion that I should come see Cecilia was as if I was expecting that invitation! I was not a bit skeptical, I agreed right away and I met with her shortly after.

Meeting Cecilia and being in that first session with her was life changing! My life took a big turn. She assured me, that the feelings I had been having were quite real, and that it was not my time to go during that accident, and that I had not yet accomplished, what I came here to do, this was a huge wake-up call. Cecilia was the answer to my prayer! I have been using her guidance to reshape my life. I chose to follow her suggestions and now I no longer feel lost! I feel complete! I thank God for Cecilia and my new friend, a dear Soul Sister, for guiding me to this new path of discovery. You are an angel with invisible wings."
— Lizzy, Perris, California

" We are so blessed that Cecilia came into our life about 3 years ago. Recently, during our pregnancy, she provided a very spiritual and bonding time for us, with our baby, while she was in the womb. We were able to communicate with the baby in a profound way though loving words, music and the use of crystals. While in labor Cecilia held a space of love and light for us with the assistance of many angels, we could definitely feel the strong presence of energy that surrounded and filled the room. No matter what complications we were having at that time, we felt safe because we had the Angels and Cecilia assisting and watching over us. We are now the happy new parents of a healthy, beautiful baby girl. Thank you for the glorious environment you created for us."
—Joel and Katy, Baldwin Park, California

" I have constantly sought out spiritual guidance through tarot readings, chart readings, and healers. My experience with Cecilia more than exceeded my previous experiences collectively. She truly has a gift!! My thirst for life went off like a sky rocket with my first intuitive reading. Energies were drawn upon and brought to my attention that had me as my biggest obstacle. Her readings also brought about an understanding to family experiences I was having at the time. She facilitates a path of ease but it is still YOU that must embrace it and make those changes.

The first time I walked into her healing room I was googly eyed by all of the beautiful crystals she had to offer. I have always had an appreciation for the semi precious stones. I am a chiropractor and struggle with staying centered and taking on my patient's ails/emotions. Cecilia helped me empower myself to choose which crystals would be supportive to me in grounding. I took the "pretty" out of choosing and really taped into what would serve me and it worked! She also recommended another crystal that was calling out to me, and that would further enhance the healing properties beneficial to my needs. I now wear my bracelets to the office and I appreciate having the support to remain grounded while helping others. It is a noticeable difference without them."
—Dr. Downing, Huntington Beach, CA

" Cecilia has brought light into my life, I was feeling lost at one point in my life, I always prayed for the Angels to send me someone who would be able to connect with me and understand where I was coming from, and they did, they send Cecilia, a long lost co-worker, back into my life, I have had many sessions with her and every single time I learn something new to bring into my life, her readings have been accurate and never stop to amaze me, Cecilia makes it so easy for one to trust her and let her guide you. My life has changed in so many ways, I am Spiritually and emotionally more aware of how beautiful life really is. Thank you Cecilia!
—Silvia, Los Angeles, California

" I was feeling stuck; unable to leave an unhealthy relationship, I spoke to my friend Cecilia who after tuning into me saw an energetic pulling of energy between me and him, she explained how etheric cords work and why every time I tried to leave I couldn't. She also saw that there is a good relationship waiting for me, but that I needed to shut the door completely on the bad one. She guided me to cut cords from my bad relationship. I did the ritual that she gave me on a daily basis, and a short time later, I was able to end the relationship permanently, never to return. Very shortly after that I met a great man who is now my husband."
—Stella, Chino, California

" Cecilia Andrews was intuitively guided to our office in need of a healing after slipping on ice during a trip up to the snow. Being a healer herself, Cecilia noticed the stagnant and stuck energy while at our office and offered to help clear up the space and revitalize the energy of the building, she also taught us how to maintain the space and keep it clean and clear. Since the clearing, the change in energy flow has allowed our office to move forward in our business ventures with a clear vision as well as help our patients with healing and their own energy."
—Lotus Health Center, Los Alamitos, California

" After my first session with Cecilia, I knew that she had a special gift. My life has been changed forever. I only wish that I had met with her much sooner. I am more at peace with myself than ever before. I have always had trouble sleeping and relaxing and now that she has helped me let go of my fears, I am a new person a truly incredible journey everyone should have the pleasure of experiencing. Cecilia is a Godsend."
—Michael, Garden Grove, California

" My healing experience with Cecilia has been life changing. She has opened my understanding of how wonderful life should be, filled with appreciation and love. Through her spiritual guidance and knowledge I am constantly learning and growing. Thank you Cecilia for taking me in on this incredible journey, one that I will definitely continue throughout my life."
—Saundra, Irvine, California

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