Angel and Shamanic Collaboration - The Journey

I share my own path of awakening and healing with you in hopes that it will assist you in your own journey of transformation.

How did the collaboration of Angel and Shamanic Work come together?

In 2006 a deep transformation took place and more of my spiritual gifts began to unfold. Everything I thought I knew was about to change and my life would take a new course.

Chaos erupted — it was as if a dark cloud was over me, my home and my family, everything was in disorder, the natural flow of abundance had stopped, friendships were suddenly ending, weird occurrences got stranger, I was seeing dark shadows, obnoxious spirits would follow me everywhere, worse yet, in the evening I could hear and feel them on me. No one believed me and I couldn't find anyone to help. Other healers and teachers looked at me as if were crazy; at times I thought I might be.

Life as I knew it was no more. I was desperate to find help, I felt exhausted, hopeless, depressed, my body was always aching, there was constant conflict within my family, we couldn't sleep in our bedroom, something just wasn't right.

I started to travel the world searching for a teacher/healer, one that would help guide me, help accelerate my spiritual evolution and bring understanding to the many things I was feeling, seeing and experiencing around and within me.

I met many healers and teachers, read about and studied many techniques, listened to many different beliefs and viewpoints, and spent a whole lot of money. Frustrated, I was still unable to find anyone that could grasp or even comprehend all the strangeness happening with me. As a little girl I always believed in God's miracles, this faith helped me trust that the right person would soon enter my life.

One of the messages I received as a child was that something fabulous was going to transpire when I was in my fifties. This stayed with me and added another layer of certainty that the truth would soon be revealed. When I would start to loose hope, I would remember this message, and I would focus on all the people I was helping. I loved what I was doing. I sure wasn't doing it alone. I had lots of assistance, and I knew I was deeply loved.

Another message came and it said that my teacher would be a Shaman. I met, studied with and received healings with many Shamans but there was never any mention of God and this did not sit well with me. So my search continued. One day I was talking to a friend I had met at a course, who lived in Germany. We had not talked to in some time. I mentioned to her my search for a Shaman, and she said, "I know just the right person."

In an instant the right teacher finally did enter my life, and yes, a Shaman. I knew he was the one I had been told about. When I saw he worked with the Archangels and Angels, what really struck a cord, was when I saw and felt his love for Godů.. I thought I loved God, but there was no comparison. His spiritual strength as a healer and the power of his words, left no question in my mind and heart that he spoke the truth.

Everything I was experiencing he talked about, the dark shadows I was seeing, the things I was feeling, all the weirdness - he explained it all. At last the answers I sought and all the assistance and guidance I had prayed for were right in my hands

I immediately started having healings and started to train with him. These modalities saved my life, turns out there were several things going on at once that were culprits to all the disarray and suffering. Someone had done witchcraft on me and it was causing everyone to react in negative ways with me and it was severing all my relationships and not allowing anything to come to me. Spirit attachments were also creating disruption in my body and affection my emotions and overall mood. My house was in great need of spiritual cleansing and repair.

It took about 4 healings before I started to feel more like myself again, my depression lifted and all my body aches went away but it wasn't until I had the big house cleansing that the suffocating sensation I was experiencing when in my house just went way, all the spirits were gone, we could sleep in our room and the conflict stopped. My whole life began to heal and things were getting back in order.

I now understand that my journey, even though frightening and long lasting, at the end has been a huge blessing and now those miracles I believed in as a child were more accessible than ever and are happening all around me, every day and in many ways for myself and for my clients.

The most important thing that I can share with you is to be patient and to have faith and trust that the answers will be revealed in Divine timing and in perfect order, the journey of transformation is not always easy but the rewards are amazing.

What I experienced and saw is happening all around us. I say this not to scare you but to speak the truth. Currently there is much darkness in the world, in the form of spiritual attacks such as witchcraft, black magic, curses, and addictive earthbound spirits.

The biggest instigator are negative spirits that attach themselves to humans, and take up residence in your home or body. These forces feed off our negative emotions, and create chaos in our bodies and minds, causing emotional, mental, physical and spiritual imbalance in our lives.

If you are suffering from any of the following symptoms and even things not listed, these are some of the symptoms I experienced, and know that you are not crazy. No one believed me, but I believe you. You have been led to the right place.

Peculiar and common symptoms adults and children are experiencing.

Peculiar symptoms
  • Seeing dark shadows
  • Sensing or seeing a lot of spirits around you
  • Seeing grayish colors with eyes closed
  • Feeling like someone is staring at you
  • The heebie jeebies
  • Feeling like someone is touching you
  • Something moving about inside you or crawling on your skin
  • Sudden twitches or tapping
  • Burning or tingling sensations
  • Noises in your ears
  • A vibrating or shaking inside your body but not physically
  • Sense of invisible spider webs touching your face
  • Sudden jabs of electrical shocks that only last a second
  • A lot of bad dreams
  • Weird happenings in your home
Common symptoms
  • Physical pain that comes up suddenly and dissipates
  • Personality changes
  • Aggressive and violent behavior, extreme rage
  • Grouchiness, irritability, impatience
  • Long-lasting sadness/depression
  • Withdrawal, unsociable, unfriendly
  • Fatigue, no desire to do anything, exhausted
  • Sudden addictions
  • Weak, poor health, ill, low energy
  • Deep despair, suicidal thoughts
  • Sore or painful neck, back or spine
  • Headaches
  • Physical pain that comes and goes
If your child is emotionally out of control, diagnosed with ADD AHDD, or Autism or taking medication, I am offering a discounted rate as a means to help bring healing to them on a spiritual level. I have already been working with some children and am seeing positive results.

Another problem that is occurring with humans is that their spirits are out of their bodies.
  • Feeling flighty, dizzy or scattered
  • Absentmindedness, forgetful, dreamy, vague
  • Eyes look glassy, blank, vacant
  • Numbness
  • Hard to now walk in high heels
  • Lack of clarity or focus
  • Disturbing dreams
  • Off balance, clumsy
  • Feeling like you are slanted to one side
  • More than usual psychic abilities
  • Hard time being present
  • Not liking self
Traumatic experiences, drugs, witchcraft and spirit attachments can cause the spirit to leave the body. Also, meditating or practicing yoga incorrectly, are really big contributors to being out of the body. A spirit must be reinserted back into the body after any meditative practice.

I am now happy to share with you the teachings I learned and to provide you with the most powerful healing techniques I have ever experienced. They are truly gifts from God. I feel so blessed to be able to offer you these services.

I hope that you will give yourself the opportunity to
experience God's miracles in your life.

Thank You God,

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"I am now happy to ... provide you with the most powerful healing techniques I have ever experienced — they are truly gifts from God."
- Cecilia